<![CDATA[VIRTUAL VITALITY - Blog]]>Mon, 22 Apr 2019 05:33:54 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[production has started!]]>Thu, 20 Dec 2018 02:29:44 GMThttp://virtualvitality.com.au/blog/production-has-startedOk so over the past week or so i've been figuring out how to make these cubelets. I've gone through a few test boxes on my journey, and have come out the other end with a good production system.

I've finished up on the first batch of cubelets with pictures below. These guys are now for sale and on a first come first serve basis! Each design is unique, and it is unlikely any two will be the same. So if you see one you like, get it while you can!

The boxes are fully reflective in high light conditions (i.e. direct sunlight), with good visibility and internal reflections under med light conditions (i.e. normal roomlight) and great reflections under low light conditions (i.e. dark room watching TV or something).

All photos below are taken in med light conditions, all you need to do is put it in a darkish corner to look great!

I have 8 different designs on offer in the following colours:
2x purple
2x dark blue
​1x light blue
1x green
1x orange

Or order and make a simple style request
<![CDATA[Cubelet production has begun!]]>Fri, 14 Dec 2018 06:17:44 GMThttp://virtualvitality.com.au/blog/cubelet-production-has-begunGood news! All my shipments have arrived, and i have begun production of my cubelets. I still have a lot of work to do, but i'll keep you all posted with some groovy pictures as things progress.

For now, here's a few samples of some work in progress.
<![CDATA[Cubelets and a bunch of cubelets]]>Fri, 16 Nov 2018 06:58:01 GMThttp://virtualvitality.com.au/blog/cubelets-and-a-bunch-of-cubeletsThe first cool little products I have on offer are what I call cubelets. They consist of a one-way mirrored box with a twisted and twirly glowing wire sculpture inside. During the day time they are hard to see, as the boxes themselves are quite reflective. At nighttime and in relative darkness they shine bright. The mirrored surfaces allow these lights to bounce back and forth repeatedly, giving the illusion of an ‘infinitely deep’ universe inside each cube.

The specific twists and twirls of the sculpture draw inspiration from my yoga and rhythmic flow experiences. The flow of each wire is my interpretation of our bodily movements as we perform a range of dance like movements and rhythmic patterns with our bodies.

Inspiration is drawn from any internal or external point of focus, this is the locus of our minds eye. When we relinquish control of our physical self to our physical self we can separate the conscious and subconscious forces that play on our mind. When we allow our subconscious to filter to the surface, then our movements and flow of energy adopt a naturally lucid state. If you were to lose yourself in the moment and let your body experience its own natural flow and rhythm, this is the essence that I have tried to capture. I hope each cubelet will help remind you to find your own locus, relax your mind and body, and follow through to the end.

Each cubelet contains its own unique flow pattern and story to tell in the form of a bodily flow movement. After purchase I will show you the special movement specific to your design so you too can share in the magic of the cubelets.

I have 100 cubelets available for pre-order, so first come first serve! Each cubelet will be different in build, shape and design and may contain slight imperfections (Don’t we all?) as they are all handmade by me. 

One for $60 or a bunch (3) for $150!
Free delivery (Australia wide)

I will update you when I know more from my suppliers and at this stage I predict shipping to start late Dec to early Jan. Let me know if you want them early for Xmas presents and I’ll see what I can do!
<![CDATA[Hello and welcome]]>Fri, 16 Nov 2018 04:41:07 GMThttp://virtualvitality.com.au/blog/hello-and-welcomeHello and welcome to Virtual Vitality!
My name is Sam and I'm an engineer and creator of enjoyable artistic contraptions.
Here is where I’ll post cool new inventions that I have designed, built, and made available for sale. All designs are influenced by the natural world and the wonders contained within. They are expressions of our mind, body and soul as we careen through this never-ending universe on a wet rock travelling at 2.1 million kilometers per hour.