Pocket Universe

Hello and welcome,

I'm Sam, inventor and creator of the Pocket Universe series.

These creations are a little fun, a little crazy, and in the words of just about everyone who's picked one up "This is really f*cking cool"

"It's like a kaleidoscope meets a lavalamp"

"I've heard enough"


Before we dive into exactly what the Pocket Universe is and how it works, let me tell you an origin story.

Like all good origin stories, it started as a dream. A dream to create. A dream to innovate. A dream to captivate.

I wanted to create from scratch. I wanted to try my hand at all phases of design, testing and manufacture. I want to own the entire process.

I set the bar high. I had expectations. I had standards. I would not sell anything I wouldn't happily buy myself.

And so was borne the Pocket Universe idea

It started with a vision. Infinite mirrors and glowing lights. To create something to lose yourself in. Something simple that draws your attention, captures your focus, and makes you smile.

I began imagining. I prototyped, tested and experimented. I figured out what worked well and what didn't. What I could make and what I couldn't. What the best features were and how I could connect them.

I set quality expectations. I eliminated options. I rejected samples. I chose only the best bits, the best lights, and the best reflections.

Most importantly, I discovered a process to bring out the creative juices. I linked ideas together in ways that naturally work well, that amplify strengths and eliminate weakness.

From the first opening of a custom fold out box, through the creation of your own sculpture, and the interactivity of your final masterpiece.

Every step has been perfectly engineered by me (An engineer) to bring out that feeling of giddy excitement as you try new things, learn new skills, and the feel  a strong sense of satisfaction as you complete a new challenge and have something cool to show for it.


So I committed to the cause and put in a manufacturer order.

No preorders here, no kickstarter asking for small change, they are available right here, right now while stocks last.

If you believe i've thought about this and you're ready to commit too, Click here to Buy now, before they're all gone. Limited stock available.

If not, keep reading to understand why the Pocket Universe is the perfect present for yourself, your kids, your friends, your friends kids... you get the idea, anyone with functioning hands or eyes basically

So if you or someone you know has a birthday or any other cause for celebration (getting drunk and buying things online is reason enough for me), then read on because this is hands down the best present they will ever see.

Also bookmark this page because once you buy someone the best present ever, it's all downhill after that and you'll need to come back here and order my next latest and greatest invention to top it.


Step 1 : Creating your Squiggle

The first step in your Pocket Universe journey starts by unleashing your creativity.

Included are 6 coloured glowing wires ("Squiggles") in all the colours of the rainbow, with awesome sounding names:

Electric Blue, Retro Yellow, Green Machine, Orange Crush, Purple Haze, and Inferno Red

After much experimentation, I chose these specific wires for their flexibility, bendyness, and twistability. 

I discovered they hold internal forces very well, and from a simple stress such as rolling they would naturally form symmetrical shapes and intricate patterns.

I discovered much entertainment as I tested the bounds of what i could imagine. Exploring and feeling what was happening inside each wire, and how I could manipulate them into funky shapes.

I want you to do the same and discover your own creative 'flow' senses. I want each Pocket Universe to be a unique expression of its owner. Representing your own imagination, your own mind flow, and your own personality.

What shapes will you make? What shapes can you make?

How does each wire 'talk' to you as you bend and twist it?

What happens if you close your eyes, can you 'listen' with your fingers?


Will you wrap them around your hands, twirling in and out of your fingers?

Perhaps you will start with by creating a simple shape (cube, pyramid or sphere) and watch it develop into a more complex object like a bicycle, house or football.

Maybe you will be inspired by mother nature to create a blooming flower, clouds, or crashing waves.

Let your imagination run wild. Draw inspiration from deep inside. Go down the abstract route. Can you represent a dance move in a wire? How about your pet dog, cat or fish?

What about your emotions? You could choose a colour to show how you're feeling to the world?

Maybe you want to create your own cartoon characters, faces, or scenery.

Maybe you will try your luck at creating a symbol for love, happiness or good fortune? What about writing your name, or your favourite place in the world?


If you imagine it, you can create it (or close enough, it's the thought that counts). Use some wire to hold a complex shape. Add just a touch of glue wherever wires touch to permanently fix your shape together. (Wire and glue not included)

Every shape has its own features and its own unique reflections.

This is only the first step, as once you place your Squiggle inside the Pocket Universe it adds an entirely new dimension to your masterpiece.

No matter how simple or complex your Squiggle is, it will look amazing.


Step 2 : Vibe Check

With your favourite shapes made, your Pocket Universe journey has only just begun.

You unwrap a silver reflective cube. It's perfectly sized to pick up with one hand. It's not too heavy, it's not too small. 

You see yourself in the reflection on the front, you see the walls, you see the ceiling. You realise all the lights are on and you need to turn them off. (Warning: Do not place in direct sunlight because sunlight reflections can start fires)

You pull apart the base, it seperates with some resistance but easily. You note that it holds together using small magnets. (Warning: Contains small magnets, do not eat)

You pick out your favourite coloured squiggle, connect the USB plug and place it inside the Pocket Universe cube. Immediately it begins to glow and  you feel the atmosphere change no matter where you are.

As you return the base to the cube, you feel a satisfying click-snap as the base firmly reattaches itself, by itself.

You turn it right-side up, holding it from the top. The base stays perfectly still. You give it a test shake and nothing happens.

Satisfied that it won't all fall apart the moment you touch it you place the cube on a nearby shelf. You step back, you lean a bit to the left and a bit to the right. With 5 visible viewing faces the Pocket Universe remains visible from all angles.

As you move around you notice that the reflections.... they also seems to change? The view from the front is different to the view from the sides, and the top, what about from below and from above?

You find yourself crouching, leaning forward, stepping back and then getting closer. Peering in from every angle you can.

You can feel yourself being drawn in, you want to look closer, you want to see it all from every angle.

You can feel yourself about to lose yourself inside your Pocket Universe. You instincitvely reach for the cube, to pick it up...



Right here, right now and in this moment.

Can you feel it? That sensation. Like a moth being drawn to the light. You're curious, you're excited and you're fascinated. There's a sense of wonder, like you're discovering something new and for the first time.

You're about to witness something you've never witnessed before. You want to know more. You want to explore. Your curiosity is overwhelming...

Thats the feeling. Of pure unadulterated and giddy childlike wonder. You can feel a large grin start to roll across your face, from ear to ear. You know you've made the best decision.

It doesn't happen often and I dont want you to miss it. This is the Pocket Universe Experience.



I'd now like to introduce you to the Pocket Universe Mascot - Lenny the Space Wizard!

I challenge you to not to lose yourself staring into his eyes, or his wares!



Step 3 : Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Now we pick up where we left off. Your mind returns to the task at hand. You reach forward, staring into your favourite squiggle creation.

I want you to peer into the depths of a world of your own creation. To look deep and lose yourself as you see how far the rabbit hole goes.

No matter the design, no matter the colour, you will want to press it right up against your face. Your eyelashes flicker against the walls of the cube.

'The closer you look, the deeper it goes'


Imagine now you're a guest in your own home. You've just walked into a dark room. In the corner you can make out a glowing Purple... cube? Intruiged by this new eye catching thing you've never seen before, all you can see is a number of twists and turns in every direction. What is that?

Curiosity gets the best of you and you immediately stumble in the darkness to approach the mysterious glowing cube. As you step closer the number of twists and turns begins to increase. The complexity of the cube increases. 'What is this witchcraft?' you say to yourself

You can make out lines, circles, strange and unfamiliar shapes too. As you get closer suddenly what you thought was the back of begins seperating in two, like a cell undergoing mitosis. The lines split, and now there's twice as much to see, twice as much 'going on' inside. You still don't know what you're looking at, only that the closer you get the more of it there is. It draws you in like a moth to a lamp.

You see hidden behind the lines and shapes are more lines and shapes. The spaces between the reflections grows and new copies emerge. You can now distinguish 3 and 4 reflections. They start to form new patterns, new connections and weird and wonderful shapes every direction, but what is this? What am I looking at? How does this work?

Still unsure of what it is you are witnessing you move closer to investigate.

You now stand directly infront of the glowing Pocket Universe. You bend over and reach out. You pick it up and without any hesitation you press it right up against your face. Suddenly the complete depth of the Pocket Universe becomes apparent.

You now see as deep as you can get. You see the black line edges of the cube repeating inside. You see a glowing twisted shape, and you see it reversed. Where it touches the walls it feels like they connect and continue. The reflections at 5,6 and 7 seem to go on forever into the distance. You see tunnels and bridges, self contained atoms and nuclei. You see animals, cartoons and faces. Patterns spanning the entire depths in every direction.

You look up, you look down, you look to the left and the right, into the corners above and into the corners below. You make out a centerpiece squiggle, and its reflections everywhere and in every direction. You see the intricate and unique patterns forming in every nook and cranny. No part of the cube is without action.

You're so close you cannot see any of the outside world anymore. You don't want to see the outside world. You close one eye and peer in like a pirate. You only want to see this Universe. Suddenly you feel absorbed into this Universe. Your Universe. A Universe you created. A Universe that fits in the palm of your hand but feels bigger than the room you're in.

It suddenly feels so much deeper. Extending for metres in every direction while still fitting in the palm of your hand.

You twist and turn the cube in your hands, following a single pattern as deep as you can. Some lead up, others sideways, and some suck you into the far off distance.

Eventually you come to.Immediately you think to yourself "It's bigger on the inside!" and cannot resist the urge to confirm this.

You pick the cube up move to look at it from behind. You look at it from the top and from the sides. And from every direction you see something different and unique.

It feels like something straight out of Doctor Who. You're the Timelord and this is your Tardis.

You can't resist the urge. You pick it up. You twist it and rotate it in your hand. You flip it upside down. It all stays together perfectly.

The reflections move and change. You look at it from the top, from the front, sides and back. No two angles are the same.

"I just want to lie down in bed and watch this"


Suddenly you remember something, there are five more squiggles in five more colours!.

So off you go to find your favourite directions and your favourite reflections, and immediately start taking hundreds of photos to share with your friends.


So What's In The Box?

I'm so glad you axed

Each Pocket Universe DIY Kit comes in its own packaging box, containing a 10cm Pocket Universe cube, all six coloured squiggle wires and a USB connection.

Every colour looks great, every shape is amazing, they're fun to make and even more fun to share. 

So what are you waiting for? Buy one now, while stocks last!

How Many Should I Buy

Sure 1 is great, but have you considered buying more?

Pick up 3 and get 3 times as many!

Or buy 5 and get 5 times more!


There. That's presents for everyone you know sorted (or all for one, they look great stacked!)

Merry Christmas, happy birthday, happy kwanza, hanukka, and holidays in general.

Happy housewarming, graduation and retirement.

You always need a cool present ready, so why not stock up here and now?


A note for all International buyers (US, Canada, UK etc.) Australia Post is ridiculously expensive in small quantities, and you really should look to buy in multiples to save $$$


Thanks for reading and being a part of our little journey here.

I hope all your wildest dreams come true.


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